How do I decide where to post (in the* hierachy) ?

This is a very brief guide to posting in the new hierarchy. It's not a substitute for reading the group charters, but it's a lot shorter. When in doubt, read the group charters (

If you want to post a question please read the appropriate FAQs first. You can find the list of FAQs at:

You should also try to find previous posts about the same subject (sometimes someone ask somwthing about which a lenghty discussion has happened just the previous week). A good place for search such old posts is:

Overview of the groups

Is the posting a binary image file (JPEG, GIF etc)?
If so, don't post it. Binary postings are not permitted in the rec groups, including the groups. Check out the groups.

Is the posting an advertisment for a business or service?
If so, then DON'T POST IT! The group charters all explicitly prohibit commercial advertising.

Are you selling a an item of personal used equipment related to photography, or are you looking to buy such equipment?
If so, then post in

Is the post about darkroom work?
That includes any non-digital item of darkroom equipment or any (chemical) darkroom technique If so, post in

Is the post about digital imaging, including PhotoCD, scanners, printers and software?
If so post in

Is the post about film or commercial photofinishing services?
If so, post in

Is the post about a 35mm camera body or lens?
If so, post in

Is the post about a medium format camera body or lens?
If so. post in

Is the post about a large format camera or lens?
If so, post in

Is the post about some other item of equipment?
This includes projector, camera bag, battery, flash system, filter etc. If so then post in

Is the post about photographing people?
That is portrait work, wedding photography etc. If so, then post in

Is the post about photographing nature?
Wildlife, landscapes etc. If so then post in

Is the post about photography as art?
What makes a picture "art", how do you display an "art" photography, etc. If so, post in

Is the post about some other photgraphic technique?
Medical photography, architectural photography, sports photography? If so, post in

If the post doesn't fit into any of the above then post in
There is also All submissions to this group are reviewed by the group moderator and may be rejected if inappropriate for the group. Look at the group to see what kind of postings are appropriate. Generally any serious question about photography will be OK. The one-line group descriptor is "the art and science of photography". This group will not normally carry discussions of the "what's the best XXXX" type, where XXX may be "P&S camera", "100mm lens", "SLR body" etc.
Note that is NOT a discussion group. It is only for private advertising (no commercial ads). It is NOT the place to ask advice! ALSO, the groups other than the marketplace group ARE discussion groups. They are NOT the place to post private adverisments (or commercial adverisments). PLEASE KEEP ALL THE ADS TO THE REC.PHOTO.MARKETPLACE newsgroup and out of the other newsgroups.

General rules of postings

As you can see, in the vast majority of the cases there is a single most appropriate group for a posting (the groups were designed with that purpose). Crossposting is generally discouraged in the* groups. If you really need to crosspost you should make sure that you set followups to only the most appropriate group.

NEVER, NEVER MULTIPOST (i.e. post separate copies of the same article to more than one group)! While crossposting can be annoying, multiposting wastes people time since the newsreader can't see that the person has already seen that article and will present it in every group, even if it has already been read.

Multiposting also wastes system resources since a separate copy of the article must be transmitted and saved for each individual group to which the article is posted.

This text is an excerpt from a post by Bob Atkins .

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