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P h o t o g a l l e r y
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Galdhøpiggen View from 'Galdhoepiggen', the highest mountain in Norway.
Snøhetta Snoehetta - another famous Norwegian mountain.
Innerdalen Innerdalen, one of the great areas for mountaineering. The picture shows my girlfriend and the ridge we've just climed to the left. (South-west corner of Skarfjell)
Sinnataggen 'Sinnataggen' - a famous statue by Vigeland, situated in Oslo.
Kanadagjess A family of Candaian gooses
Rodane Skiing in Rondane, one of Norway's national parks.
Hytte Preparing for skiing, Rondane.
Rondane Winterday in Rondane
Rondane Colorful flowers in Norwegian mountains
Flatanger The cave at Flatanger - the new climbing "paradise" of the Trondheim area.
Fall Pål Reiten gives Flaggermusmannen, 9- ("Batman") a try.
Hvil Pål Reiten takes a rest on Flaggermusmannen, 9- ("Batman")
Cutty Sark Sunset during the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race Trondheim, summer 1997
Telemark Another Erik practices Telemark downhill
Kvittingen Newyears eve, Kvittingen, Kvamskogen
Blaabaer Blueberris in sunset, Rondane
Rypebaer "Rypebær", common in Norwegian mountains
Rypebaer A wasp in an scanning electron microscope (SEM)